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    Building Networks?

    Training Employees?

    Turning-Up Links?

    We've Got You Covered!

    Disaster-Recovery, Data-Backup, System/Internet-Redundancy & SD-WAN

    Too Many Options, Too Little Time - Don't Bounce Around...

    22Solutions: Fiber Characterization, OTT Fully Certified Fiber Characterization Engineers, FC Testing for CD, PMD, OIL, OTDR, ORL, AP, Dark Fiber, Metro Connections, Vendor Evaluations and FULL End to End DataCenter to DataCenter Path Certification - Is your fiber really ready to Go... Lets Test it and Find Out - Troubleshooting and On The Fly Fixing and Workarounds is our speciality. - 22Solutions LLC - Enlighten Your Network

    Fiber Characterization

    Dark Fiber, Metro-Connections, Vendor-Evaluations,

    FULL End-to-End Data-Center to Data-Center Validation.

    Is Your Fiber Really REALLY Good To GO...?

    UCaaS, Contact-Center & Call-Center

    Allow for instant scalability across multiple locations, decrease costs, improve efficiency and productivity all the while you're connecting, communicating and delivering one beautiful customer experience!

    22Solutions: Employee Training thats On-Premises and Hands-On giving your employees new and lasting proficiencies from testing within their own systems and fiber - build employee familiarity with your network - call us today. Yes we build custom course and No its not much more then our standard courses... we aim to please :O) - 22Solutions LLC - Enlighten Your Network

    Employee Training

    On-Site & Hands-On!

    Fiber Testing, Fundamentals, Procedures and more...

    We Build Custom Designed Courses Too!

    22Solutions: Install, Test & Turnup, Rack and Stack, EFI, for DWDM, SONET, Ethernet and testing for a wide range of services and testing RFCs - Meet Milestones, Hit Deadlines and Yes Land Funding with Us :) - 22Solutions LLC - Enlighten Your Network

    Install, Test & TurnUp

    DWDM, SONET, Ethernet Commissioning

    RFC, BERT & EBH Testing & Troubleshooting

    Meet Milestones, Hit Deadlines & Land Funding!

  • Let Us... Enlighten-Your-Network®

    Are You...

    Building DWDM/Ethernet Networks?

    Need Fiber Characterization & RFC/BERT Testing?

    Want On-Premises Hands-On Employee Training?

    Looking For...

    Dark-Fiber, SD-WAN & Cloud Applications

    Call & Contact Center or Unified Communications (UCaaS)

    Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), VoIP even Standard POTs lines

    Google Cloud, Azure, AWS and Security services

  • Have Outages with AT&T, Comcast, Zayo...?

    Having an Active 2nd Internet Connection Allows Your Office to Function Even During ISP Outages.

    Your Backup Connection Automatically Kicks In Keeping Your VoIP, Email & Networks 100% Online.

    Request a 2nd Business-Class Internet connection for as low as $50/mo - Seriously!

  • Circuit Contracts & Licensing Renewals?

    From DarkFiber Circuits... to Cloud Software... to Simple POTs Lines

  • Fiber Characterization

    Results You'll Understand with Certified FC Engineers (CFCE) you can Trust!

    Getting a Dark Fiber Handoff?

    Did you (or your vendor) measure ORLs Bidirectionally End-to-End?


    Do you know Fiber-Providers, MMR-Vendors & DataCenters -> DON'T CHECK FOR ORL!


    They only check for dB Loss and your Service Level Agreements (SLA) don't specify ORL requirements... seriously ask them!

    22Solutions: Fiber Characterization (Dark Fiber Testing) Utilizes, Optical Return Loss, Optical Insertion Loss, Polarization Mode Dispersion, Chromatic Dispersion and Attenuation Profile Tests to Assert the Integrity of the Fiber Span. / 22Solutions LLC, Enlighten Your Network - Fiber Characterization Testing - We've Got You Covered :O)

    Get Dark Fiber Validation!

    Do You Know Where Your ORLs Are?

    Secure the integrity of your backbone and Network Health by performing OTDR, OIL, ORL, CD and PMD measurements.


    What's the ORL on your Link?


    Gain End-to-End, Demark-to-Demark troubleshooting insights that MMR, Datacenter and fiber vendors simply can't provide and never test for...  FULLY TEST before you Turn-Up!

    FYI: OTDRs only approximate ORL... You Must Utilize a true ORL-Testset for Accurate Readings!

    When Turning Up New Services -> Always Test for ORL!

    Especially on sensitive DWDM Systems!

  • Enlighten-Your-Network®

    Building DWDM/Ethernet Networks Nationwide

    Fiber Characterization & RFC/BERT Acceptance Testing

    Live On-Premises Hands-On Employee Training

  • 22Solutions: Install Test & TurnUp of Ekinops, Ciena, Infinera, Adva, Calient, Coriant, ALU, Juniper and more. / 22Solutions LLC, Enlighten Your Network - DWDM, SONET, Ethernet TurnUps - We've Got You Covered :O)

    We're the Longest Running

    Test & TurnUp 'Independent' Contractor for Ekinops in USA

    We've Turned Up Over:

    • 375 DWDM Sites on
    • 42 Rings in
    • 25 Markets Nationwide

    We’ve Been There and Done That!

  • Employee Training - Custom On-Site Hands-On Training

    Spin Up New-Hires With Ease, Build Up Team Proficiencies and/or Add New Services for your Company

    22Solutions: Training for Fiber Testing, OTDR Understanding, Troubleshooting Skills, Learn how to Actually Find/Fix the Problem, Testset Refresher. / 22Solutions LLC, Enlighten Your Network - Employee Training On Site and Hands On - We've Got You Covered :O)

    Knowledge You'll Remember

    Training on Your Gear, Span-Fibers & Sites

    Current Courses:

    • Fiber Characterization Training
    • DWDM Fundamentals and System Operations
    • DataCenter Fiber-Training
    • JDSU Test Gear Refresher


    Custom Courses!

    Streamline employee acquisition spin-up new-hires and contractors that know exactly what is expected of them by fully documenting internal MOP procedures, system processes, and providing them On-Site Hands-On training with custom built cross-reference guides that aids future work-flow & comprehension.

    Solve Those Pesky Problems, Get Your Team Up to Speed -> Get Training Now!

  • Install, Test, TurnUp and more...

    We Enable Our Customers to Meet Milestones, Hit Deadlines & Land Funding!


    Turn-Up & Commissioning: services for DWDM, SONET/SDH and Ethernet technologies such as Ciena, Cisco, Ekinops, Fujitsu, MRV and Optelian.

    RFC, BERT & EBH Testing

    Gain 3rd Party Validation: Bandwidth, Throughput, RTD, Packet Jitter, Back to Back and Frame Loss per Frame Lengths via enhanced RFC-2544, RFC-6349, SAM and Full OC/SONET Testing Sequences.


    Troubleshoot: system FEC & BER issues, CD-issues and misconfigurations, intermittent outages, increased link loss, amplifier noise, tilting and automatic power control.


    System Design: Site Surveys, Equipment Audits, Engineering Specs, MOPs.


    Rack & Stack: Infrastructure Build Out, Cabling, Red-line Discrepancies.

  • Nationwide Support

    From Seattle to Miami... San Francisco to New York... We'll Support You As Needed → Where Needed.

  • Request For Proposal (RFP) Services

    Ultra-Low-Latency Multi-state Projects, Nationwide Rollouts even Vendor Evaluations

    Have a New Project, a New Initiative, Heading Into Uncharted Waters...


    What Type of Fiber, What Kind of Optics, Where's my Drops Going...


    What Equipment Vendor, Where Do We Get Training...

    Don't Wait, Let's Brainstorm Together → Get Assistance Now!

  • Testimonials

    22Solutions: Ekinops COMPLETE END TO END OPTICAL TRANSPORT SOLUTION FOR BACKHAUL, METRO & LONG HAUL APPLICATIONS 10G TO 200G AND BEYOND / 22Solutions LLC, Enlighten Your Network - EKINOPS TurnUps - We've Got You Covered :O)

    Jonathan Amir

    Ekinops, VP EMEA

    Both John and 22Solutions have
    been a valued partner in our services and support strategy in the U.S. and I highly recommend them for their willingness to go the extra mile to lock down customer satisfaction, project
    success and network reliability.

    22Solutions: Uniti Fiber is a unified force in network services providing customers with the necessary infrastructure to get business done in an efficient and cost-effective way. / 22Solutions LLC, Enlighten Your Network - Building Networks for Service Providers - We've Got You Covered :O)

    Christopher Pickard

    PEG Bandwidth, Former CTO

    They (22Solutions) have been a staple partner in our deployment and operations strategy and I highly recommend them for their professionalism, responsiveness and willingness to go the extra-mile to ensure a project’s success.

    22Solutions: Recovery Point is a leading national provider of integrated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions. Operating facilities and recovery centers in Maryland, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Illinois, we serve a diverse client base of Federal, state and local government agencies, as well as commercial organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to small businesses. / 22Solutions LLC, Enlighten Your Network - Data Backup and Disaster Recovery - We've Got You Covered :O)

    Ralph McLamara

    Recovery Point, Senior DR Specialist

    I have worked with John Pullicino over the past couple of years when dealing with our dark fiber network and DWDM equipment. Within this brief time span John has proven time after time his keen sense of technical engineering ability and project management focus.

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  • Our Origins = Engineers

    22Solutions was formed back in 2003 while attending the University of Texas at Austin
    for my Bachelor Of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. Many years later 2008 we converted
    to 22 Solutions LLC (S-corp) we Landed a Nationwide Rollout in 2011 and have been running strong ever since.

    Our Determination to Troubleshoot,

    Solve Problems and Provide Workarounds...

    Is What Sets 22Solutions Apart From The Rest!


    Eliminate Delays with System TurnUp & Testing and

    Land Funding Deadlines just like PEG Bandwidth

    Message Us Today!

    John Pullicino, 22Solutions LLC Founder

    John (JP) Pullicino

    22Solutions LLC, Founder

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